Best part of the New Years "Get Fit" resolution is the outfit shopping that goes along with it. Who agrees?!

A huge part of working out is feeling good and nothing makes you feel better than putting on a cute outfit! Workout clothes is a great investment, good quality workout clothes can last years and styles and prints never go out of style. Whether it is outdoor or in a gym, with your two legged friends or your four legged friends make sure you make it fun. Here are some of my favorite pieces along with tips that keep me motivated and on track. What are some things that you do?!

1. Find a Shampoo and Conditioner that will not damage the hair. Working out on a regular basis means you will need to wash your hair more often.  

2. Go shopping for cute workout outfits!

3. Create a playlist with your favorite songs. Make it a goal to get at least through 8 songs!

4. Plan your meals.

5. Having a trainer helps me tremendously to keep on track however, any type group exercise classes have the same effect. I have found it be more effective to have someone pushing you through the workout.

6. Find a workout partner or group of friends. Nothing keeps you more on track that being surrounded with people with the same goal.

Favorite Workout Brands: